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She has also done several courses including Administrative Leadership with Human Relation, Course on scrutiny of Challan, Victimlogy, Effective Policing of Domestic Violence Against Women, Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Forensic.

Ms. Nalwa is a co-author of three books titled “Laws relating to Dowry, Domestic Violence and Cruelty to Women”, and “Commentary on The Juvenile Justice Act”, both published by Universal Law Publishing Co. She is also the co-author of “Room 103, Nanakpura Thana”. She has given her own perspectives into the book, by way of Law and of the Police. Her in-depth analysis is fortified by her legal expertise and her very humane approach.

Through her books she has ventured into the pathetic condition of the deserted and dejected women who are the victims of the most despicable, detestable and utterly condemnable evil of demand of dowry. The book displays the pain and agony, with a clarion call for the society to come forward to save the women who is the mother of civilization. She gave special emphasis to protect the weaker section of society i.e. Women, Children and ensured that proper hearing and counseling is provided as and when it was required.

At Special Police Unit for Women and Children, Ms. Nalwa took the initiative to making Standard Operating Procedures, Standing Order and prepares guidelines to other agencies for making city secure amongst the women. She developed linkages, coordination mechanism and identify challenges in implementing the Juvenile Justice Law through liaison with other departments on issue concerning Juveniles. She was instrumental in launching of website www.dpjju.com in 2010 and in 2012 she was the brainchild behind the launching of website www.spuwac.com. Ms. Nalwa, as a member of various committees gave suggestion & inputs on issues like:-

“Making Delhi Safe for Women in Public Place”
“Committee on framing Juvenile Justice Rules”
“Delhi High court Committee on Juvenile Justice”
“Delhi High Court legal services Committee on Mediation Cell”
“Committee under the Women & Child Department on ‘abolition of Child Labour’ ”
At a personal level, for each person who works at the cell and for each person who comes to her for help, Ms. Suman Nalwa is a person who goes out of her way to help and yet stays within the strict principles and ethics of work.