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Corruption, what do we do about it? PDF Print Email

Today as I started my day in the office and was listening to a complainant talk her life story, another young woman walked in. She appeared confident and ready to talk and then she narrated that her case got registered in the police station but the investigating officer was just not moving. That during the course of persuading the IO to do what he was supposed to have been doing, she had to shell out some money as bribe but still nothing happened in the case.

It was a direct case of corruption and of course whatever action has to be taken against the IO will be taken and hopefully the complainant will stick to her statement as and when she is called to depose against the IO but the important points that emerge is why do we bow down to such practices? Do we not encourage it that way?

In a hope for quick results we ourselves become accomplice to the system which is endemic and embedded in our system. Though this is the first complainant who has come upfront and talked about it, I do hope and wish that all of the complainants who come to us fighting for their rights will also fight the system which becomes abusive and apathetic. There are mechanisms in place the only thing required is courage to fight for what is your right.

With a hope of taking it forward we had printed a booklet “your rights a spuwac” about six months back, for the complainants who visit our cell explaining the procedure, the complainant mechanism and officers available for redressal of grievances. A feedback form was also annexed but so far I have not had a feedback from a single complainant. We came out with a website, the email addresses but there is silence. We made our presence on facebook but there is silence.

I do hope that we all take charge of our situation and start demanding what is due to us, be it the personal life or the public. Seeking justice in one area and letting it go in another is no empowerment and no justice!

Suman Nalwa
1st Oct 2012