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Is this charity? PDF Print Email

As I came out of the mall, I had this poor young boy of may be 10 or 11 follow me while pestering me to give him some money to eat something. Extolling me to shell out the money on festive season he was trying to touch that guilt cord in me that I have it all while he does not. I guess that’s what all of us go through when we shell out that ten rupee note on the red lights for a poor kid who has no clothes on his body and is visibly emaciated and under nourished. Keeping my guilt at bay, I engaged this boy in my talk and asked him if he goes to school or not and what about his family, home among other things. Then this little boy told me that he does go to school in the mornings and that he does get the free meal at school, that both his parents are working, that he stays in a jhuggi along with his two other siblings, that his mother cooks the meal of all of them which they can eat when they come back from school…..

And now we have this child here begging and his parents blissfully unaware of it, they having catered to his basic needs. He will of course be able to coax some money from all the shoppers who throng the malls but to do what?

Now a day we here so much about kids getting addicted to white fluid, drugs, tobacco and what not. Here I see this child who will now have some disposable money about which his guardians/ parents are not aware of, so will he not indulge himself? May be with sweets today but is the day far when he becomes addicted to other things unless stopped? Yes of course the government needs to act and see to it that we don’t have such kids on road begging but can the govt be anywhere and everywhere? What is anywhere and everywhere is “we the people” who have to know what their lip service to charity or their small acts assuaging their guilt temporarily is doing in the long run. So next time you reach for your purse to dole out those few rupees to that needy child, have a relook at those charitable thoughts. Hold on to that guilt you feel and work at something that will make a difference in another’s life, in giving that child a future. Once you start thinking, the ways and means will appear.