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Success story by Advocate Liyi Marli Noshi PDF Print Email

She entered into a sacred matrimonial like any other ideal Indian girl on 6.2.1998 in Aurangabad, Bihar, according to Hindu rites and ceremony and solemnly accepted the janam janam kaa saath phenomenon of Indian marriage .The marriage was an arrange marriage conducted with great pomp and show off. The groom being a gold medalist and from a reputed engineering College became a sign of show off and pride for the brides parents. As our social design has it always the girl’s parents fulfilled all the demand made by them for the marriage as she was just class 12th passed. Marriage expenses and also her parents also gave rupees five lacs cash and a 800 Maruti car. All this thinking that their daughter will have a peaceful and happy life ahead which all normal Indian parents think when getting their daughters married that a heavy dowry is a guarantee for a happy married life. However, this guarantee did not work as it had to be so. He was not happy with all this and he would always demand one or other thing from her parent’s saying that he is a gold medalist and she is a just class 12th pass and above that he also insulted her for her dark complexion and posed as if he had done some great social work by marrying their dark complexioned daughter.

Since the inception of the marriage, he was unhappy that he is not fair. As a result, he would insult her by calling names and also she was not even allowed to wear colorful and stylish clothes saying that it doesn’t look good on her dark colored skin. Since her marriage she followed him everywhere as he was working with Govt, then, and had a transferable job. All these years the girl’s complexion and less education did not come under any bad taste when work had to be taken from her by her educated husband.

She never had a pleasure of being a wife of an affluent man. Her dreams of life full of love and companionship from a husband was shattered who would just come to her to quench his sexual needs and would go to sleep in another bedroom. The marriage never saw light of blissful companionship that any woman would desire from her marriage. He would not spare her or have mercy on her even when she was unwell and undergoing labour pain with her eldest child. And whenever she dared to refused to give him access, she was brutally thrashed like an animal. Yes an animal is the right word for this educated husband who would just pierce her body and along with that her soul also whenever he would enter her. Due to his sexual pervert nature, she also had to undergo forceful abortion thrice between the three children and there are 3 children born out of this wedlock. In this past 14 years of their marriage the respondent has never spend a night with her as any husband would cuddle and cozy with her wife like any normal husband wife .

He is not only greedy in nature but also a very miser man. All the basic necessity of her house are taken care by her parent’s. It is very important to note that they don’t have a refrigerator in the house, she requested him to buy one, however he refused telling that she can keep the food below the AC. Till the filing of the DV case, she was not given a single penny by him even to buy a “BINDI”. A bindi a sign of marriage in our sacred Hindu family All the expenses used to taken care by her parental family. He never took her out to any restaurant/cinema. He even refused to pay the cable bill for TV. She had to depend on her parental family for every big and small requirement for herself and for her three children. Even his own family members kept away from him due to his aggressive and abusive nature.

He is presently working as GM in a Mining Company and draws salary of rupees 3 laks per month.

She came to CAW in the year 2010 with bruised face and a fractured soul too. Her face was full of fear as she had never been to police station before. She was scared even to speak out, however, after constantly consoling and counseling she was ready to speak out everything and she was ready to file a Dv Act. The fearful bruised woman was having an open heartwarming encounter at the police station as this DV act gave her the confidence and a tool to fight for her right.

After the Dv application, she filed for protection order, which was the most immediate need for her and the children then, resident order/ not to throw her out of the matrimonial home which was granted too, a maintenance order of rupees 20,000/- per month was also granted.

Compensation order was also sought under Dv Application, which is pending in the court for final adjudication. Since then, she has been living a violence free life in her own house after 13 long years. The nights are no more bruised with the dark penetration of selfish husband and she is having a safe and sound life of dignity because she could gather the courage to file a DV case and use the act or right given by the law of land to her and many more tortured woman like her. This success story signifies and is an example for women who are scared to speak about their pain and can take the help of law DV which is designed for their empowerment and justice.

(Special thanks to DR SYED MUBIN ZEHRA)


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