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Success Story by counsellor Swati Gupta PDF Print Email

It was an arrange marriage. Deepa got married on 29-11-1999 according to Hindu rituals. The father of Deepa is deaf and dumb . Deepa was brought up by her Mausa ji and Mausi ji. Deepa's Mausa ji accept the marriage proposal without enquire about Abhinav as he knows Abhinav sister very well and having a good relation with them and having full faith on them. Abhinav's family insisted that arrangements be made according to their very demanding specifications.

The Abhinav's family could expect that her father and Mausa ji would give whatever in their capacity, even though they had asked for no more than the girl's hand in marriage. Deepa's Mausa ji and father arrange the marriage very well and up to the expectations of Abhinav's family.  Deepa performed her matrimonial obligations as expected from a Hindu devotee wife and served all family members well.

Deepa remains happy for 3-4 days after her marriage but thereafter her husband, sister in law started harassing, torturing and taunting her for not bringing sufficient dowry as per their demand and they were expected a huge cash as the mausi and mausa of Deepa is very rich. After few days of marriage Deepa received a shock that Abhinav is a habitual drinker and used to consume liquor in excess and he spent most of his income on liquor and on bad habits. Abhinav sister and brother in law used to instigate in person as well as telephonically to ask Deepa to two lakh rupees for opening new shop for Abhinav.

One baby boy is born out of this wedlock . During the time of pregnancy mother in law deprive Deepa for food and Deepa used to do all household work during her pregnancy. Due to their constant interference, the married life of Abhinav and Deepa have been ruined, all the hopes of leading a peaceful happy married life of Deepa has been ruined. Deepa was initially tolerate all the cruel behavior and acts of Abhinav and in laws just with the hope that after passing times, better sense will prevail upon them.  However Abhinav used to beat her and throw out of the house on so many. When Deepa start working to run her family then also Abhinav blame her that she is having a loose character which caused great mental pain and agony.

Then on 13-13-2012 she approach SPECIAL POLICE UNIT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN for divorce as she do not want to live with Abhinav, since from the last 14 years she is suffering from mental, physical , sexual violence by her husband and in laws. She tried a lot to save her marital life but things do not work out. Deepa is not ready to live with him now she wants divorce. Then they send to a mediation cell where a mutual divorce petition is signed in which custody of children is given to Deepa and after six months they get degree of divorce. In this agreement Abhinav agree that he will not disturb Deepa anymore.


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