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Minutes of the meeting held on 31st Jan 2014 PDF Print Email

1. A meeting under the chairmanship of Shri Taj Hassan, Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic was held on 31.01.14 at 4 P.M. in the Conference Hall of Special Police Unit for Women & Children, Nanakpura, New Delhi with the Women's Rights Groups and NGOs working in Delhi. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Varsha Sharma, DCP/SPUWC and other officers of the Delhi Police.

2. A list of participants, who attended the meeting, is enclosed.

3. Special CP/Traffic welcomed the participants and informed them about the action taken on the points/issues raised by them in the last meeting. The participants were requested to have a meeting with their team members before coming to this meeting so that they could raise the actionable problems. He also wanted to know from the participants whether posters on women safety have been pasted in the JJ Colonies, cluster areas or otherwise. Some of the participants informed that they have seen such posters in their respective areas.

4. The following issues were raised during the meeting:-

  1. What is the role of police when a girl is recovered after missing and states that she does not want her parents to interfere in her matters.
    The relevant law and procedures laid down in this regard were explained to the participants.
  2. There is a lack of awareness among society about child helpline number i.e. 1098. One of the participants shared her experience about an incidence of Faridabad where a girl child (domestic help) was rescued from her employer on her complaint of sexual harassment by the employer but nobody including the police was aware of the child helpline number.
  3. Participants from Chetna informed that they are willing to organize self-defense, gender sensitization, stress management trainings for the Delhi Police.
  4. Participants from Jagori wanted know whether their proposal for training of the PCR Control Room Personnel working on Women Helpline has been accepted or not.
  5. Name and telephone numbers of SHO, Division officers and beat officers be displayed in the respective police booths.
  6. There are a lot of drug-addicts in the area of Indira Camp and Balmiki Camp in the jurisdiction of P.S. Malviya Nagar.
  7. Traffic from Malviya Nagar to MMTC is generally slow.
  8. There is a need to deploy police officers for patrolling on the road from Mitha Pur Govt. School to Vilaspur particularly at the time of opening and closing of the school.
  9. The discotheque of Surya Hotel becomes visible from the road when curtain is not properly drawn. It causes distraction for the road users, and leads to traffic snarl.
  10. YWCA informed that they organize self defense trainings in their campus and want cooperation from the Delhi Police.
  11. In the meeting itself the concerned officer of the SPUWC who deals with this subject interacted with the representatives of the YWCA.

  12. Police should attend the functions organized by the NGO/Women Right Groups on women's issue.

  13. It was suggested that the NGO may send such requests to the DCP/SPUWC who will coordinate with the District Police for their participation.

05. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair and it was informed that the next meeting on this issue shall be held on the last Friday of February, i.e. 28.02.14.

for Special Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Delhi.

No. 284-335/P.Sec./Spl. CP/Traffic dated Delhi the 04 .02.2014

Copy to the:-

  1. Shri Ajay Chaudhary, OSD, Delhi, Raj Niwas, Delhi for information to Hon’ble L.G. Delhi.
  2. SO to Commissioner of Police Delhi.
  3. SO to Special Commissioner of Police, Law & Order, Delhi.
  4. SO to all Joint Commissioner of Police Ranges/Crime, Delhi.
  5. All Addl.CsP/DCsP District, Railway, Delhi for necessary action.
  6. Add.CP/Traffic, Delhi.
  7. DCP/SPUW&C, Nankpura, Delhi for necessary action.
  8. All representatives of NGOs (through E-mail) who attended the meeting.