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Minutes of the meeting held on 28th April 2014 PDF Print Email

Minutes Of the Meeting Held with NGOs and Women's Rights Groups on 28.04.14 at 4.00 P.M. in the Conference Hall, Special Police Unit for Women & Children, Nanakpura, New Delhi.

1. A meeting under the chairmanship of Shri Taj Hassan, Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic was held on 28.04.14 at 4 P.M. in the Conference Hall of Special Police Unit for Women & Children, Nanakpura, New Delhi with the Women's Rights Groups and NGOs working in Delhi. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Varsha Sharma, DCP/SPUWAC and other officers of the Delhi Police.

2. A list of participants, who attended the meeting, is enclosed.

3. Special CP/Traffic welcomed the participants and informed them about the action taken on the points/issues raised by them in the last meeting. He wanted to know form the participants as to why number of participants attending the meeting is decreasing day by day.

4.  DCP/ SPUWAC informed the participants that the SPUWAC is going to organize free Self Defence Training Summer Camp, willing candidate may register herself on the website of SPUWAC i.e. www.spuwac.com. The camp will be organized at the following three places during the period as mentioned against each of them:

  1. Training Hall, SPUWC, Delhi (19.05.14 to 03.06.14)
  2. Kripal Nagar Ashram, NPL, Kingsway Camp, Delhi. (08.05.14 to 23.05.14)
  3. Rajkiya Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya, GT Road, near P.S. Shahadra, Delhi.  (19.05.14 to 03.06.14)

5. DCP/ SPUWAC also informed that a team of specially trained police officers have been formed to curb molestation of women travelling in buses In Delhi. The members of the team were called in the meeting and their operation plan and experiences were shared with the participants.

6. The following issues were raised during the meeting by the representatives of various Women's Rights Groups and NGOs :-

  1. Representative of CHRI informed that stretch between Adhchini Chauk to Katwaria Saria is very dark as street lights between these points are not in working condition.
  2. Representative of CEQUIN informed that from Kalindikunj a number of buses are plying for Bijnore, Meerut etc. without permit and women are not safe in these buses.
  3. Representative of Chetna informed that they are organizing self defence training programme in various girls’ school of Delhi with the help of SPUWAC but SPUWAC is sending only one trainer. She requested SPUWAC to send one more trainer. She also informed that in some of the schools self defence trainings are being organized by YUVA with the help of male trainers which is not good, such trainings in girls’ school should be organized with the help of women trainers only.

In the meeting itself, it was informed by the SPUWAC that now two trainers well be sent to each school where self defence training is being organized by Chetna.

  1. Representative of Action India informed that a case Vide FIR No. 96, dated 02.03.14, u/s 376 (2) IPC was registered at P.S. Bhalswa Dairy, Delhi regarding rape of a 3.5 years old girl. This case is not being investigated properly and the family of victim is very poor. She requested to arrange some financial aid to the victims form the DLSA or any other agency.  She also informed that number of rape cases is on the rise in the area of P.S. Bhalswa Diary. Action India is planning to conduct a survey on this issue, she requested the SPUWAC to be a part of this survey.
  2. Representative of Jagori raised the following issues:
  3. The behavior of Police Officers is not good while dealing with matters of domestic violence.
  4. Women police officers are usually found absent from the help-desk of P.S. Badarpur.
  5. It was requested to organize a gender sensitization programme for the police as well as for volunteers of NGOs. So that the volunteers may be aware of limitation of police in Domestic Violence and the police be aware of its role in such cases.
  6. The telephone numbers of Division/Beat officers written on beat boxes in the area of P.S. Sarita Vihar are not visible clearly; it is required to be written again.

07. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair and it was informed that the next meeting on this issue shall be held on the last Friday of May, i.e. 30.05.14.

for Special Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Delhi.

No. 975-95 /P.Sec./Spl. CP/Traffic dated Delhi the 01. 05 .2014
Copy to the:-

  1. Shri Ajay Chaudhary, OSD, Delhi, Raj Niwas, Delhi for information to Hon’ble L.G. Delhi.
  2. SO to the Commissioner of Police Delhi.
  3. SO to the Special Commissioner of Police, Law & Order, Delhi.
  4. SO to all Joint Commissioner of Police Ranges/Crime, Delhi.
  5. All Addl.CsP/DCsP District, Railway, Delhi for necessary action.
  6. DCP/SPUW&C, Nankpura, Delhi for necessary action.
  7. All representatives of NGOs (through E-mail) who attended the meeting.