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Success Story by counsellor Amrit Kaur PDF Print Email

Mrs. Prema and Mr. Sudhir is a couple in their late fifties with one divorcee daughter in early thirties and one son in late twenties. The couple is from army background. Postgraduate Prema is a housewife and Sudhir had VRS from the post of Lt. Colonel. Prema approached SPUW&C in an unstable mental condition due to Domestic Violence by her husband and daughter. Prema and Sudhir were highly aggressive to each other. Even Prema had life risk from her husband. He deprived his wife financially and neglected her socially.

After thorough counseling and home visits by the counsellor, the couple developed positive emotions for each other. Even their both children also started to take care of the mother Prema. Gradually, Sudhir started to provide his wife Rs.10,000/-. As a result of it Prema withdraw her complaint under Domestic Violence Act form the court also. During follow up, the couple informed the counsellor that after a gap of years they and their children take meals together on the dining table and they have concern of each other. Sudhir accompanied his wife to the hospital for her various medical complications (heart and dental).


21 yrs. Old Deepa and 27 yrs. old John are married for the last 3 yrs and are blessed with 1 ½ yrs old female child. They belong to low income group. It is their arranged inter religion marriage. Deepa’s single mother was friendly with the sister of John. So mother felt that John will be the ideal son-in-law, as he is teetotaler and earns nicely. Deepa is Xth passed and John is illiterate. But after their marriage, Deepa suffered physical and emotional domestic violence by her husband and in-laws. He used to beat her with belts. She was deprived of food and financial care by her husband. Her mother used to provide financial help to Deepa and her child because John stopped to earn regularly. The couple attended regular counseling sessions, which improved their relationship. Deepa informed that now her husband is regular with his earning and takes care of her and her child. He even took his family to Fun & Food Village to celebrate Deepa’s birthday. She was surprised by the gesture of John’s surprise arrangement of cake cutting ceremony on her birthday. The couple celebrated the religious festival of each other with enthusiasm. Their home visit/follow up is done to improve their matrimonial bond. Now, they are quite comfortable with each other.


Geeta and Sanjay had arranged marriage for the last five years with their two toddler..readmore