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Success story by Counsellor Anuradha Juyal PDF Print Email

Geeta and Sanjay had arranged marriage for the last five years with their two toddler female kids. It is a low income couple. Geeta is House wife and Sanjay is private car driver. Geeta suffered Domestic violence by her husband and in-laws in the joint family due to her husband’s extra martial relation with his sister-in-law (bhabhi). Because his elder brother is not mentally sound. When Geeta raised objection about her husband illicit relation with other lady, her in-laws turned out Geeta and Sanjay to live separately from joint family. But still Sanjay continued violence upon his wife. Even he filed for divorce in the court. As a result of all this happenings, Geeta developed hypes attitude towards her husband and in-laws.

After repeated counseling session of the couple and their elders, the couple descended to reconcile and live together peacefully. Even Sanjay withdraw his divorce petition also. The couple was kept on follow-up through telephone and counseling sittings. Now they are going as well.


27 years old Meenu and her younger sister, 26 years old Rani have arranged marriage with 30 years old Tinku and his younger brother, 28 years old Anuj respectively. They belong to low income group. Both sisters have completed their schooling while their husbands are not literate. Meenu and Rani suffered severe physical and emotional domestic violence due to dowry demand in form of bike and cash, as a result they were living at their parental house along with their children form the last 4 years. There family meetings did not materialize to revive their relationship/reunion. Both the couples reconciled after regular counseling sessions. Now they are living nicely in their joint family and have also attended follow up counseling sessions.


Geeta and Sanjay had arranged marriage for the last five years with their two toddler..readmore