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What We Expect From You PDF Print Email

  • To help us improve the system through an active participation
  • To follow the official standard procedures while file is under the specific course of action as per the applicability of the law with respect to your application filed at SPUWC.
  • To maintain decorum of the office, please don’t shout and fight here in the premises of the SPUWC.
  • Reach at the given time on your date regarding your complaint, and in case of any change, inform your enquiry officer well in advance.
  • Do not bring your family members, unless required by the officials of SPUW&C, otherwise they will not be given access to EO/IO.
  • To follow the channel of communication for grievances of any kind regarding your complaint/ case file case/ file and report unclear point/issues to the senior officers or the ACPs/Counceling at SPUWC, Nanakpura instead of spreading it here and there, we are always open to improvements.
  • To use the suggestion box, fixed there on the right side of the office gate, if required, to provide your feedback or suggestions. You can send it through email, post or on telephone as well.
  • Please do not pay any amount at any level to any body as all the services at SPUW&C are free of cost except the fee of ten rupees that also in the form of Indian postal order, for filing application under the right to information act in the RTI office.
  • Please use the legal system genuinely and honestly avoiding misuse of the law.
  • Please provide at least following information/document to IO to file a quality and evidential charge sheet in the court of Law:

a) Proof of marriage i.e. Marriage Card, Photographs.

b) Receipts of Marriage Home, Tent House, Farm House or Banquet Hall.

c) Copy of Income Tax Return of relevant years.

d) Marriage registration certificate.

e) Ration Card, Voter I-Card photocopy.

f) List, Bills & Cash Memo of Istridhan.

g) Bills of jewelry.

h) Photographs of isrtridhan jewelery

i) Source of money spend in the marriage.

j) Detail of expenses on the marriage and proof attached.

k) Demand of dowry by in laws during and after marriage whether paid or not with proof.

l) Detail of PCR calls if any.

m) Medical Legal Certificate/report if any.

n) Previous complaints filed before, if any.

o) Name and address of independent witness.

p) Name and address of Mediator

q) Residential proof where at present residing.

r) Photocopy of passport if NRI concerned. Resident/Official address of husband.