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Structure of SPUWC PDF Print Email



As special police unit is basically a reconciliatory body it tries to work out for mutual settlement and reconciliation if there is no scope for any mutual concern and as per the client situation the file is to be dealt by an enquiry officer.  The enquiry officer/ counselor writes her final report after having all the individual and joint sessions with client and the concerned people at the SPUWC. After the final report of the Police Officer the file is to be transferred to the investigation officer

- The counseling/ enquiry is not time bound but the same is finalized in a reasonable  time limit as per the facts and circumstances.

- Women Cell has a limitation period of three years to file it as an FIR and the time is countable from the date of the application received from the  client/women facing violence



Social workers provide individual and joint sessions to women and the concerned members of the family.  Developmental sessions are also provided to women where her career options and other life alternatives, risk in reconciliation or separation are discussed for a better life ahead and to make an informed decision.

1. It takes over an hour for receiving the applications at the cell. Complainant is heard patiently before receiving the application.

2. At the very first interaction with social worker, the client/victim is listened to and informed about all the services available at the special police unit for women and children (SPUWC), and therefore facilitated to decide on what is the best suitable option to her situation; she is to be guided about the procedure at SPUWC. A form is also filled alongside this procedure.

3. She is to be attended by the Inspector or the police official appointed to hear her for  the first time and write her note-sheet and mark an enquiry officer or social worker on her file who shall be responsive to the client application/complaint.

- Facilitating the client to make an informed choice/ decision.

- Negotiating and working towards non violence, gender equality and harmony in amily / reconciliation

- Negotiation for separation

- Providing the client with information on govt. and non govt. agencies and their  services as per the client needs like plans and programs for women and children, de-addiction, mental health etc.

-  Considering the male client’s application also. The wife’s (mutual) consent is  a must for the intervention of social workers.



Mediators appointed by DHLSC do the Mediation at SPUW&C.  It is a process where Mediator negotiate in the direction of mutual settlement between the parties.

- It aims to do Negotiation for separation and mutual settlement of streedhan, alimony towards mutual divorce

- A couple may apply to mediation cell if both of them are willing to separate mutually.  After the orientation on mediation the couple is called at regular intervals  for mediation when a mutual agreement is reached is to be signed  by the client and her husband that they shall apply for legal divorce in the court and so it is referred to the court for legal divorce.

-  It takes minimum of five meetings where the husband and wife both should be present. The dates at regular intervals are given as per the suitability of the mediators and comfort of the clients.



- Facilitating women to get free legal aid to assist her in filing cases in the court.



- Facilitating emergency services like medical help and temporary shelter to women in distress

- Filing the FIR in cases of matrimonial disputes, violence for dowry demands and the cases of domestic violence after the proceedings of counseling unit and mediation cell.

- Investigation after registration of case and recovery of Istridhan and dowry articles.

- In case of any complaint, concerned ACP and Vigilance unit of cell are also informed to provide the client with necessary help/support and provide relief to the victim.



Conducting and organizing trainings and networking meetings for various organizations (GOs and NGOs), Juvenile Welfare Officers (JWOs) and other professionals working with children in different settings like street children, neglected and trafficked children etc to ensure and upgrade the treatment meted out to the children by the police.



- It provides self defense trainings to the groups of women and adolescent girls at  their  doorstep if they manage to create a group of 40-50 including women of any age group. if the group is small they are most welcome at SPUWC office for regular  10 days training on self defense training.

- Summer camps are also organized for the same where any body can join after registration for this training. It is well published in popular newspapers.  With that information you may come to special cell for women and children (previously known as crime (women) cell at Nanakpura New Delhi for registration forms.  Fill it  up and submit that at the same place with your two photographs.

- You can request this unit to organize a self defense program at your doorstep also for a mixed group of adolescents and adult women.



- 24 hour helpline is there for women in a crisis situation/ family violence.

- There are women police personnel with the required male staff to attend the call of  women victim and link her with available list of service providers, to resolve and  assist her emergency situation as per her needs.



- An RTI department is established under the Right to Information Act-2005

- In case information asked by you is regarding the complaint filed by your wife or the statement written by your husband, the information will be provided only after an informed consent of the concerned person as per the RTI Act-05.



- Public grievances cells are the redress system set up to take action against acts of omission or commission on the part of police officials working in the SPUWC & to recommend action for the removal of the grievances.

- A person coming to the SPUW&C at Nanakpura may contact the ACP PG Cell for any kind of grievances regarding the case.



You may receive some resources from social workers like emergency numbers booklet list of P.O.(Protection officers), list of family counseling centers (FCCs), crisis intervention cells (CICs) etc as per availability.  Networking with other service providers govt. and non govt. organizations, gender resource centers is being done to avail the client with all the knowledge of services/ provisions/ programs, available to her

Any organization or individual may approach the social workers for organizing or conducting the sessions at their place/ office. Awareness generation sessions at community level by social workers are to address the issue of violence against women and create awareness on what is violence, abuse, gender, gender discrimination, safety plan or legal provisions like PWDVA-05, IPC 498-A etc. and how it can be dealt in a better way towards women empowerment for an engendered society


Special Police unit (Women & Children),
Nanak pura, South Moti Bagh,
New Delhi 110021

Ph: 24673366, 24672777
Email: dcp: CLOAKING
Website: www.spuwc.com

also visit us at facebook:
Delhi police juvenile justice unit & special police unit for women & children, Delhi Police


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