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Protection is the prime focus for women from womb to tomb PDF Print Email

Written By Pushpa

Protection of its citizen is the prime responsibility of a welfare state. So every state is liable to create and implement programs for the protection and welfare of its citizens. Women, the other half of our population deserves care and protection equally. In Indian scenario although women has been worshipped as goddess and respected in scriptures but a lot is there to be acknowledged in contemporary society, revealing the gaps with many incidents of violence and crimes against women. Even today, as we open the daily newspapers one can easily identify at lease 3-5 heinous crimes done to women in India. All women police stations, crime women cells, special police unit for women and children, and women help desks with many other initiatives were taken after independence, to empower the women.

As the contemporary situation of women in India is not hidden, while newspapers are revealing daily crimes with increasing sense of insecurity to women, protection has become a prime concern of every women and her family. When she goes out on her education, job, and leisure activity, her salary and outcome is secondary to her protection. Hence protection, in now days has become a preventive and provisional measure also. It is not only about the provision of police and other services but also about preventive measures on the part of women.

As per the provision of protection various systemic responses are available to women in India, like pick and drop facilities in big corporates, police control room, accessible local police stations having women help desk, and women help lines with huge network of NGOs and service providers with new laws like protection of women from domestic violence etc. At the same time we need to look at this from a preventive perspective, which still need to be fostered in our society.

Prevention needs to be relooked at as it needs the attentive engagement of the citizen also. Without active participation of the beneficiary it is impossible. Therefore we invite you all to be part of this process where we can lead a happy life within the binds of care and protection for the marginalized women and children who are really in need of a helping hand.