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Women & Law PDF Print Email

Written By Pushpa

Although woman is well respected and depicted with honor in all of our religious scriptures in India, the ground reality is far poor/ different from theory. Religion and law have been differently able to regulate our lives. Hence law has to ensure the rights of women and children. Since introduction there have been various legislations made to ensure her right to live with dignity, equality, liberty, and to ensure nondiscrimination. Law is something on paper which can be materialized only through human efforts. It is only a dead paper if not used by its beneficiaries. With this any legislation can be implemented when it is understood and explored by the beneficiaries for example the dowry prohibition act, IPC 498A etc. demand of dowry and cruelty and harassment for the dowry can be stopped only when they are reported.

To make it more viable it is necessary to spread awareness about the legislations pertaining to women empowerment. Hence special police unit for women and children proudly initiate this page for your support while providing you important laws on women. Thereby we encourage you to know your rights with the responsibility of reporting your experiences of violence with regard to specific legislations.