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Success story by Counsellor Pushpa PDF Print Email

Background of the applicant:
Sonali is a 36 yrs old lady from Andhra Pradesh, she was 8th pass, working as a labourer in Delhi. She was experiencing physical, emotional, economical and mental violence past 8 years, and a 12 years old child was deserted for two yrs. Alcohol and physical violence was a big issue while he used to take all the salary of his wife to drink alcohol. He has kept the govt. residence on rent for his illicit hobbies. Her husband also doubted on her character though she was a decent lady. She wished to reconcile if her husband promises to live honestly and leave alcohol and if he promises to pay her a regular maintenance.

There were 9 sessions in total, 2 individual sessions and 7 joint sessions. In the joint sessions an understanding was developed regarding the patriarchal social construct and gender issues including matrimonial issues of the couple. It was to build up an understanding about women rights and law related to fight violence against women. The social worker used a feminist approach in the sessions and intervened with an objective model for short term, midterm, and long term with the client to resolve the client issues. The social worker also used a referral to alcoholic anonymous for his alcoholic issues.

It was reconciled as per their interest when he gave a written assurance to his wife and arranged a house on rent as per the client wish. The social worker used the non-judgemental attitude when listening to the client. She facilitated the client towards independent living and challenged the patriarchal mentality of the client husband. She also did follow up for 2 times and they were also invited to the women cell for the same purpose for 2 times.

The Ruchi aged 24 yrs., 8th pass, middle class woman and a home maker in Delhi. Reportedly she was harassed physically and mentally by the husband and in-laws for dowry since from 2008 the beginning of her marriage. Since from her first pregnancy she was totally deserted and left at parental house by her husband. She wished for reconciliation if her husband takes her separately and takes all responsibility for her living and livelihood.

In total 8 sessions were conducted where the parents of the couple were also involved in the joint sessions. The patriarchal thinking was challenged with the help of social work tools and techniques; simultaneously the client was informed about her rights and duties including the importance of the marital relationship and its impact on their child.
The couple reconciled with all family support. It was followed up,now the couple is living happily.

Background of the applicant: Mrs. Aparna is a 37 years old, graduate lady reported that her husband used to abuse her verbally, mentally, and emotionally for past 10 yrs due to reputation issues of the family, It was all because of their doubtful nature regarding her character. She was to be blamed for everything that seems wrong in any ways by her in laws and her husband. She used to feel ignored by her husband as every now he used to say that he can manage the life and other things without her. He never listened to her thoughts and her expressions. Due to all that she was feeling depressed, lonely, and stressful in her life. She wanted her husband to take her back with a promise to change his behaviour and with a promise to support her.

In total three individual sessions, four joint sessions, and three telephonic follow ups were conducted by the social worker. The client’s husband was also challenged on gender issues or the social constructs that build up the verbal abusive environment in the family for the client. Some developmental sessions were also conducted with the client to strengthen her emotionally and psychologically.

The couple reconciled with a written assurance to each other. It was confirmed on a follow up by the social worker, that they are living happily and following their written assurance.


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