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1. What are the allegations against me? Please provide me a copy of the complaint.
Ans.:- The complainant has alleged that she has been harassed for dowry and misappropriation of istridhan by her husband and in-laws. Copy of the complaint will be provided.

2. Please provide the copy of the FIR.
Ans.:- Copy of the FIR is enclosed herewith.

3. Please provide the copy of istridhan article mentioned in my case.
Ans. Copy of the same is enclosed herewith.

4. Whether the guidelines of Delhi High Court are followed by CAW Cell or not? Please provide the copy of the same.
Ans.:- Yes, copy of the same is enclosed herewith.

5. Whether, we can file domestic violence case during the pendency at the CAW Cell?
Ans.:- Yes, you can

6. What are the functions of the CAW Cell?
Ans. A copy of the concerned Standing Order is enclosed herewith.

7. How many sessions of counseling/mediation/enquiry were attended by respondent?
Ans. Copy of the same may please be provided. Ans. A date wise presence of the respondent at counseling/mediation/enquiry has been enclosed herewith.