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Suman Nalwa is a 1996 batch DANIPS officer having served in Delhi and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Presently she is posted as Dy. Commissioner of Police in Special Police Unit for Woman and Children, a nodal unit of Delhi Police on women and children issues. Earlier, she has been posted in the districts as Sub-Divisional Officer, in the Crime against Women and in Anti-Corruption Units.

An electronics engineer by profession, Ms. Nalwa after joining the police service did her M.A. (Police Administration) from Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab. Subsequently, she did her LL.B from Delhi University. She was awarded the prestigious Chevening Scholarship pursuant to which she did her LL.M. degree in International Human Rights Law from University of Essex, UK.

Article By Suman Nalwa

Yes, I am a Witness! (30th September 2013)

Past few months there has been a continuous debate on crimes in our society especially those committed against women. Rightly so, the society has started questioning the administration quite vehemently on what's being done by different governing bodies to prevent and to deal with such situations.
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let's change! (3th June 2013)

The other day I was reading a story on the face book about an incident in United States. A young child aged 3 years was visiting a zoo and accidently fell inside the enclosure of the gorillas. There was lot of commotion outside the enclosure with every one sure that the child will be torn apart by the gorillas. Just then a mother gorilla picked up the child as if its own baby and put it in front of the gate of the enclosure and then stood guard, ensuring that none of the other gorillas harm the child.
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Women empowerment is all about empowering women to lead a life without discrimination and with all the entitlements to live to their fullest potential. However, this right to equality is a theoretical concept until and unless it is coupled with an opportunity to exercise these rights in all spheres of their life.
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Is this charity? (13th november 2012)

As I came out of the mall, I had this poor young boy of may be 10 or 11 follow me while pestering me to give him some money to eat something. Extolling me to shell out the money on festive season he was trying to touch that guilt cord in me that I have it all while he does not.
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Yesterday while on my way to office, I received a call from a young girl who was very distraught and asked for my help. She then narrated how she was molested a day before on the busy streets of Delhi while on her way to work. When she protested, the accused slapped her and beat her up in full public view.
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Today as I sat on my desk, a woman came to meet me with an application. She started off with how she had been to the local police but nobody is taking cognizance of her complaint. Then she narrated her woes. It transpired that she was a widow, albeit a young one, having lost her husband in a road accident few years back.
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Corruption, what do we do about it? (1st Oct 2012)

Today as I started my day in the office and was listening to a complainant talk her life story, another young woman walked in. She appeared confident and ready to talk and then she narrated that her case got registered in the police station but the investigating officer was just not moving.
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