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Success Stories Articles



Success in counseling process is the result of all the efforts made throughout the counseling process, including the counselor and the counselee.  As explorations are always ongoing during the counseling process the results are towards resolution of the issues.  Counseling at special police unit for women and children is aimed at following:-

- Strengthening the individual psychological self

- Providing her the emotional strength to stabilize herself and move ahead in life with self determination and confidence.

- Developing social support, as required from her family members and the matrimonial family members.

- Establishing the fact that a woman is a respective individual and her rights of safe home.

- It is further to facilitate her with legal awareness on her rights.

- Referrals to drug de-addiction and alcoholic anonymous and other NGOs for vocational trainings and economic independence.

- Strengthening the families to settle mutually through respective discussions at special unit for women and children.

- Apart from the desk job at special police unit for women and children, the counselors are also engaged at ground work.  Various gender awareness programs are organized and facilitated with the help of NGOs.

The counseling unit is to engage a process of healthy negotiations to restore women rights, and further facilitate her through problem solving process in counseling.  In this way it is to restore the capacities of individuals to decide for themselves and lead a healthy, happy and peaceful life while the end may be reconciliation, mutual settlement and worth their satisfaction.

When we achieve any of the above mentioned aims it gives us hopes and motivation to do more and more.  Hence success of SPUWC is more into the success of a woman reaching out to women cell. Success is relative to what a woman expects from the SPUWC, while most of the applicants/ complainants still look for reconciliation and resettlement in their lives to have better peace of mind. Here are some success stories which we want to share with you through this web portal.